Raquel García - Súmate

Raquel García

Accounting and Administration

One of my greatest passions is nature. When I was little, I loved to spend time on the family farm, surrounded by animals. My dad noticed my curiosity early on and at age 10, I already knew how to drive a tractor and ride a horse.  

I’ve always liked outdoor activities and children, which is why I became a free-time and leisure camp monitor. I love spending my summers working at camps and volunteering at the Red Cross Youth of Spain. That is why I completed my training and became a Sociocultural Activity Superior Technician.  

There comes a time in life in which you have to ask yourself whether or not your hobby can become your day job. I came to the conclusion that, even though at this moment in time, I was filled with life, maybe I didn’t always feel like jumping around and playing “dumb.” Which is why I graduated with a degree in Mid-sized and Small Business Management. I immediately realised that I loved the world of business and I wasn’t bad at it, either. 

At Súmate, I found my place. I help organise the company’s administrative department at the same time I play “dumb” by integrating myself into a great team. In my free time, I still enjoy the countryside with my family and friends and I try to show my kids what life outdoors is like.  

Never forget to smile because a day without laughter is a day wasted.” -Charles Chaplin 

Administration and Accounting at Súmate since 2016.