Digital content creation

Content creation is an area of online marketing which can be developed on its own or become part of the implementation of other digital promotion strategies for your brand. It consists of creating elements in various formats (blog posts, e-books, reports, etc.) that meet the needs related to your products or services your target audience might require, all in order to attract your target to your website and spark a positive association with your business.

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What can you achieve by doing content creation?

Opting for content creation is a great way to bring about positive effects across widely varying aspects of your internet presence:

  • Consistency in your communication: keeping your blog regularly updated will strengthen the transmission of your values, give your target audience an incentive to stay tuned to new information released by your brand, and ensure that you consistently stay in the internet’s spotlight with something new to offer.
  • Variety in your social media messages: publishing on social media is important, but it only makes sense if your brand has something to say. Creating content will provide you with stories to tell your followers without having to turn to external sources to endow your comments with the right ‘hook’.
  • Improving your SEO positioning: the more content you create, the more pages that will link themselves to yours, and if these happen to have quality content themselves and are indexed correctly, this will all help you attain better positioning on search engines results.
  • Consolidation as an opinion leader: by providing your users with valuable information, you will be perceived as being a reference in your sector.
  • Creation of materials for the development of an inbound marketing strategy: right after campaign planning and establishing your target audience, content creation is the first step in realising inbound marketing actions to obtain leads and convert them into customers.
What can you achieve by doing content creation?
What makes Súmate’s work method different?

What makes Súmate’s work method different?

At Súmate, thanks to a work system that is wholly adapted to the characteristics of your business, we can take over management of your corporative blog or creation of those e-books and documents necessary to boost your inbound marketing campaigns.

  • We work with you on topic selection, agreeing on which keywords you will want to utilise to position your brand through our copywriting, as well as creating a deliverables schedule.
  • We conduct thorough research using the most reliable sources in order to obtain the expertise necessary to produce original, valuable content for your target audience.
  • We have both internal and external resources at our disposal capable of generating themed works of varying complexity levels, turning at times to the use of experts uniquely qualified to produce highly technical materials.
  • All of our content passes through a rigorous editorial process to guarantee you the highest level of quality and accuracy in editing – semantic, syntactic, spelling and structural.
  • Given that visuals are a fundamental aspect of the digital world, we also have a team of top-level designers who help us maximise the aesthetic part of our created content.

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