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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a non-intrusive online marketing strategy that, when combined with various practices, seeks to attract customers to your website in a natural, organic way.

The starting point is the production and distribution of quality content, which in turn generates leads that undergo a qualification process that first encourages them to convert into customers and later to become promoters of your business.


What can you achieve through inbound marketing?

According to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), incorporating inbound marketing into a company’s online strategy triples the business’s web traffic volume within a year and increases the generation of leads sixfold in the same time period. A significant increase in sales is noticeable within just seven months.

At the same time, the development of inbound marketing improves other aspects of your business:

  • It aligns marketing and sales goals so that each area targets its efforts in order to achieve parallel objectives.
  • It contributes to the improvement process of your products and services as a result of the feedback users leave in response to your brand’s messaging, and which is systematically collected with the help of powerful online marketing tools.
  • It fuels coverage of your brand’s image and online reputation.
  • It helps with your company’s positioning as an opinion leader in your sector or area of expertise.

What makes súmate’s work method different?

Designing and implementing an inbound marketing campaign is a complex task that we at Súmate carefully develop with your brand’s objectives in mind. Our work method consists of the following steps:

1. Strategy design: Together we come to an agreement with you on what we hope to achieve jointly, in what way and within what time frame, as well as what actions need to be implemented within what budget. All these aspects are set in writing in a document that will serve as a guide in later stages.

2. Creation of the buyers’ personas: We help you define profiles for the semi fictional ideal customers that will serve as the campaign’s target audience.

3. Content production or collection: We create or gather the content you provide us, and establish its distribution order and schedule.

4. Creation of campaign elements: We create all the elements necessary to set up a proper inbound marketing campaign (landing pages, e-mails, call-to-action-buttons, etc.)

5. Distribution: We publish on the internet and provide visibility to the content through social media actions focused on those population segments that hold a special interest for us.

6. Development of lead nurturing practices: We nurture a targeted, personal and non-intrusive contact with our captured leads in order to enable their qualification as potential customers.

7. Result measurements in two ways: Firstly on a daily basis, focusing on improving any detail that could positively impact our results, and secondly, at the end of the campaign to see what worked and what areas need greater attention in the future.

8. Campaign reports: We hand you a full account of all the actions that have been undertaken, and provide you with the gathered leads, conveniently organised according to the criteria you deem most important.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

In order to successfully integrate inbound marketing into your daily work life, you will need to establish a solid strategy in the early stages of development based on your company’s unique situation and objectives. You must follow through with your strategy as development continues through inbound action.

Among others, the strategy should consider the following:

* The definition of your buyer personas, which means semi-fictional representations of a brand’s ideal customer, emphasising on their motivations, problems and needs.
* The time frame during which we realise the strategy.
* The necessary content production services – how many content pieces are needed? What kind? In what time frame? About what topics?
* We are interested in gathering information about our potential customers in order to covert them into leads, so it is key to establish what we are asking for in our contact forms for downloads.
* The determination of necessary campaign elements (landing, pages, emails, etc.) and the flow of publication.
* The definition of the MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) requirements, in order to establish how the process of the registrations through the conversion funnel should be organised.

How we do it at Sumate?

At Súmate, we design inbound marketing strategies on two levels. Your inbound plan can be composed by both or either one of the two, depending on your situation and objectives.

Lead capturing strategy: We concentrate on tactics to attract leads and convert them into potential customers, focus on content creation for the awareness and consideration stages, distribution through the social networks and spaces where our buyer personas are, and the initial qualification of the obtained registrations.

Lead nurturing strategy: Designed for when we already have an extensive database with a first segmentation, we focus on the consideration and decision stages using personalisation and email marketing tools, intelligent lists and questionnaires, as well as lead scoring functions.

Inbound Marketing Campaign Management

Correctly managing an inbound marketing campaign involves completing all designed strategy actions in the established manner and time frame.

With the help of automation processes and tools, the work of an inbound marketing consultant is to execute the following steps:

1. Campaign launch, including the content publication, its distribution and promotion in the chosen channels.

2. Collection of leads through creation and optimisation of various parts such as the call-to-action, landing pages and contact form.

3. Qualification of leads through the development of thank you pages, sending emails, workflows and the management of the intelligent lists, with the implication of a lead scoring system if necessary.

4. Result analysation and scheduled report delivery.

How we do it at Súmate?

At Súmate, we address your inbound marketing campaign management with transparency and an educational spirit:

1. You will always have access to the automation tools that we utilise. We will only use them on an invitational basis. As a result you will have full access to the management of your campaign and data at all times.

2. Moreover, we will train you so you too can understand the inbound marketing principles and extend its applications to other departments within your company, in order to achieve alignment between the marketing and sales areas and maximise your ROI.

Hubspot Partner

Hubspot is an inbound marketing tool that allows you to manage all steps of the content creation and distribution from a single platform, offering you a general or detailed view of the progress and results that are obtained during the development of your strategy.

Why should you add hubspot for inbound marketing?

Among the automation tools available on the market, Hubspot is one of the most complete. It provides you with the following tasks:

  1. kick off and actualisation of the website
  2. creation and maintenance of the blog
  3. CTA (call-to-action) design
  4. construction of the landing pages
  5. URL generations for the campaign
  6. creation and insertion of intelligent forms
  7. message personalisation depending on the situation of each lead
  8. assembly and development of email marketing actions for the lead qualification
  9. management of lead lists
  10. workflow establishment to work in lead nurturing
  11. development of lead scoring tasks
  12. production of web analytics reports
  13. integration of work from the sales department due to the inclusion of the CRM (customer relationship management) tool that facilitates the commercial customer managements


What makes Súmate’s work method with Hubspot different?

The combination of Súmate and Hubspot guarantees you an excellent implementation of your inbound marketing campaign:

  1. Our consultants are certified by Hubspot and know how to take full advantage of this tool.
  2. You will stay in direct and constant contact with the consultant, who is in charge of your strategy that will allow you to always be up to date with your online marketing actions.

    * Hubspot’s support service is considered to be the best in the market, therefore we assure you that any doubt or incident will be rapidly resolved with our support as a Hubspot partner.

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