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Multilingual Content Creation

If content marketing is recognised as an extremely powerful tool when used in a single language and regional area, its potential to deliver measurable results is exponentially increased when performed on an international scale and in multiple languages. Of course, the complexity of managing such a process also increases, and it is tempting to divide your content marketing strategy thinking that such a decision will make the process easier. At Súmate, we strongly advise against such a move, and instead suggest that you invest in a centralised implementation of your content marketing activities. Here is why:

What can you achieve by having multilingual content?

Contracting a multilingual content marketing service for your international business offers you the following advantages:

  1. Maintaining consistent messaging across all countries and language areas where you commercialise your products and services.
  2. Creating synergy between territories, taking advantage of those elements that have been especially effective in some areas in order to introduce them into others regions.
  3. Uncovering new opportunities, thanks to a ‘big picture’ overview that allows for a centralised coordination of your efforts and content production processes.
  4. Greater dynamism and nimbleness in responding to change, two conditions that are greatly favoured by the convenience of having all your content creators working together in a single team.


What makes súmate’s work method different?

Súmate’s multilingual content marketing service will help you advance quickly along your path to excellence because:

  1. We design work teams that are wholly adapted to your needs, led by a content manager who manages strategy, coordination and editing; and made up of specialised writers, graphic designers, etc. who are both native speakers and experts in the various target areas of your marketing plan.
  2. Our work dynamic is not based on creating content for one country and then translating it into other languages, but rather by working individually with each language area, starting by defining the strategy and then selecting topics, creating a schedule, conducting keyword analyses, publication, and of course, setting up distribution routines.

To conclude, we apply distinct solutions to each area, while bearing in mind the common features that must be maintained across all areas.

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