Mara Miguel Moro - Súmate

Mara Miguel Moro

Project Manager and Digital Marketing Consultant

Sometimes you make decisions without knowing exactly where they’ll lead you. Nevertheless, one day you’ll look back and it will seem like everything fits.

I’ve played basketball ever since I was 7 years old. If I had given it up when almost all of my friends had, I wouldn’t have been a professional player. Something extremely enriching in my life that developed values such as teamwork, sacrifice and perseverance in me. In addition to that, it allowed me to travel and see the world.

Working as a building engineer (a profession I practised for more than 6 years), I added skills such as coordinating large groups, time management, organisation and conflict resolution.

Until the infamous “crisis,” something that resulted in serious setbacks for many of my colleagues, turned out to be the best opportunity for me. The chance to reinvent myself and grow.

Training for this new adventure, I landed at Súmate, where I manage, organise, coordinate and supervise multilingual teams for large clients with an online presence worldwide. It’s a job in which I can combine and tap into my abilities, curiosity and developed interests from the different facets in my life.

Now I look back and everything makes sense.

I’m an avid reader, traveller, curiosity seeker, adventurer, athlete (I practise climbing, swimming, scuba diving and running).

Bloom where you are planted” – Anonymous