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4 Benefits of
Advertising Online


Come closer to your audience

When launching your brand, allowing you to gain visibility so that it can get to know you.


Speed up your results

Speed up the achievement of your results on the internet, must faster than if you focused solely on organic communications tactics.



Persuade internet users to make online purchases by integrating your products’ presence naturally to their browsing activity.


Increase sales

On your online store.

Does your brand need online advertising?

Including online advertising as part of your digital marketing strategy is especially useful if:

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You need to position yourself and increase the volume of your business

We will help you position yourself through specific keywords and we will advise you to find the most economical and effective way.

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Your sales are seasonal

You can modulate your advertising budget, especially at those times of the year when you have to do the rest.

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You need to find your ideal niche and audience

We will work to focus the campaigns on the specific market niche and towards the correct target audience.

How we do it at súmate: our work method

At Súmate, we work on our online advertising campaigns using a simple methodology adapted to you:

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Initial audit and set up

We analyse both your business and your competition, then we complete the first tasks to lay the foundation for our partnership.

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Restructuring or the creation of your advertising account

Adapting it to your online marketing strategy goals and planning the launch and duration of each of your campaigns according to your objectives.

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Continuous optimisation

So that each euro you invest returns maximum profits.

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Monthly reporting

So that you can evaluate your campaigns’ monthly performance and evolution over time. This will help us make the best decisions so that you will continue growing, thanks to an optimal management of your online advertising.

What makes us different?

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We give a lot of care and attention throughout the creation and optimisation processes, applying a high level of detail in every task.
Personal and direct treatment
Our consultants become part of your company, establishing a warm and humane communication channel.
Focus on measurable results
We are always focused on achieving your goals in a way that allows you to quantify, at any time, the effect of your actions on the progress of your business.
Professional development
Our consultants take care to stay fresh and current in their content and skills, and are up to date on the latest developments of the sector.

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