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Video Marketing

In the next three years, digital video is expected to become the king of online advertising, to the detriment of spending on television advertisements. Such is the conclusion of various studies conducted on audiences in Europe and in the United States.

More and more businesses are increasing their budgets for marketing campaigns and video advertisements. An emerging trend is to forego the traditional platform of the television, opting instead for online platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. Notably, YouTube has already become the second largest search engine, following Google.

In order for video advertising to be effective it is advisable to:

  • Produce very specific videos that send a very concrete message.
  • Restrict video duration to a maximum of 30 seconds, ensuring that the first five seconds grab the attention of the user, and that the main idea is presented right at the start.
  • Insert a link to your website at the end of the video.

What can you achieve with video advertising?

Video advertising provides the best results when seeking to:

  • Increase your brand’s presence on the internet, so that a growing number of people will begin to recognise your brand.
  • Gain conversions, attaining leads and sales.
  • Retarget, given that it is possible to create a personalised audience made up of users who have viewed a specific video, subsequently showing them another video advertisement featuring the characteristics you choose.
  • Elicit the right stimulus to make a purchase, especially in the sectors of beauty products, automotive and mobile phones.

What is different about our work method at súmate?

The secret to our success at Súmate in managing video advertising campaigns lies in micro-segmentation. Specifically, our job is based on creating very specific campaigns which allow us to test our ads in different niches within the market. After the first set of data is collected, we are able to optimise on a daily basis, boosting the elements which offer the best possible results and terminating those which are not successfully.

Using this method, at Súmate we have the capacity to achieve costs per lead as close to those of a Google search campaign.

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