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Display Advertising

Display advertising is a form of internet advertising found while navigating through the internet on websites, blogs, forums or other spaces, but excluding search engines and social media. These advertisements can easily adapt highly diverse formats, combining text, images (static or dynamic) and videos.

Unlike search engine networks, where advertisements are managed based on the user’s search terms, the display network uses a different strategy, focusing advertisements on the users’ interests after analysing the kind of webpages they typically visit or based on the kind of content they are currently viewing, especially if these are websites related to your products or services. With the proper segmentation, you have the ability to reach users who do not yet know your brand but who may be interested in what you sell.

What can you achieve with display advertising?

Display advertising can help you achieve your branding goals. It is highly advisable if you are looking to increase your reach and sales, especially if have already exhausted other, more (initially) profitable channels such as search engine networks. Generally speaking, display advertising helps to:
Increase your brand’s recognition so that it becomes an easily recognisable household name among online users.

  • Multiply your website’s traffic, by generating high quality clicks from users who are favourably disposed towards your business.
  • Generate qualified leads with a high level of interest in the products you market.
  • Boost your sales by driving users who are more likely to make purchases from your website.
  • Impact users who have visited your website through the use of remarketing as they continue surfing the internet.
  • Advertise on websites that are relevant to the genre your product or service. For example, if your brand belongs to the world of fashion, you would be well advised to advertise on websites or blogs related to fashion. On the other hand, if you sell sports equipment, it would need to focus on publications belonging to this sector.

What makes súmate´s work method different?

Display advertising is an ideal option for businesses that have historically invested large amounts of money in traditional advertising channels (radio, television) and are looking to expand their horizons. Súmate offers:

  • Experience, thanks to specialised consultants who have developed numerous campaigns, not only on Google but on other online networks as well.
  • Analytical capacity, which translates into the collection of data and the ability to draw conclusions from user interactions and purchases.
  • Quality segmentation and continual optimisation, in order to maximise your investment and achieve the best results.

By retargeting, you can advertise to users who have had some prior interaction with your brand while surfing the internet. The goal of retargeting is to elicit recognition of your products and services among these users, so that if they have not yet made a purchase, they take that next step to buy; alternatively, if they have made a previous purchase, you encourage them to repeat the purchase experience.

Ideally, retargeting campaigns complement other pay per click campaigns that have been undertaken previously.

How it is done at súmate?

Including retargeting advertising as part of your online marketing strategy is especially helpful if you want your advertisements to appear to users during each step of the buying process, from the moment they conduct their first search to meeting their needs right to the point of purchase. In this sense, retargeting is about reminding the customer that your brand is a good option as they are reflecting, prior to making a purchase. Some of Súmate’s retargeting approaches are:

Directing advertisements specific to each user based on their behaviour on your website. For example, if products were placed in the shopping cart, then abandoned during the purchasing process.

Use dynamic retargeting across a Merchant Center feed, to show the user banners advertising those products they visited on your website.

Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying, or Real Time Bidding (RTB), is an advertisement distribution system on the network display that allows us to bid in real time on each of the impressions available on the advertising spaces that are of interest to us in an individualised, independent way rather than in bundles, as was the case until just recently.

What can you achieve with programmatic buying?

Using programmatic buying as part of your online marketing actions offers you multiple advantages:

  • Save on costs: With programmatic buying you make a bid of varying amounts for each impression, and consequently, adjust your expenditure to the fullest.
  • Precise focus on your audience: The information we collect about users based on pages visited, cookies and retargeting tools allows us to select those individuals that your advertising should reach to ensure your campaign’s success. Programmatic buying allows you to segment your target audience based on topics and interests, countries and lists, in addition to allowing you to hand-pick the places where you want your advertisements to appear and exclude sites where you do not want them to appear. Finally, all this informational enables us to choose creative pieces based on our target audience’s preferences.
  • Ongoing analysis of results: By means of using metrics that let us know whether the current approach is working or whether we should apply corrective measures. The RTB management platform that we use at Súmate provides us data on brand recognition, visibility and likelihood of making a purchase.
  • Your advertisements’ appearance in an extensive inventory of ad exchanges or communication media, not just on Google and Facebook.
  • Persuasion of undecided users who are considering buying your products who have visited your pages, by means of retargeting tactics.


What makes súmate’s work method different?

Súmate’s programmatic buying service stands out for its use of platforms that are specialized in managing this type of advertising, giving us the following possibilities:

  • Control over the entire campaign process using one tool, which saves time and allows us to achieve optimal results quicker.
  • Campaigns with international scope, with the opportunity to reach dozens of countries.
  • Data measurement of your campaign’s performance using data compiled on numerous variables, which facilitates the decision making process.
  • Flexibility to adapt campaigns to a changing environment and make necessary changes to help the campaign’s sound functioning.

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