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Display advertising is a form of internet advertising found while navigating through the internet on websites, blogs, forums or other spaces, but excluding search engines and social media. These advertisements can easily adapt highly diverse formats, combining text, images (static or dynamic) and videos.

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Unlike search engine networks, where advertisements are managed based on the user’s search terms, the display network uses a different strategy, focusing advertisements on the users’ interests after analysing the kind of webpages they typically visit or based on the kind of content they are currently viewing, especially if these are websites related to your products or services. With the proper segmentation, you have the ability to reach users who do not yet know your brand but who may be interested in what you sell.

What can you achieve with display advertising?

Display advertising can help you achieve your branding goals. It is highly advisable if you are looking to increase your reach and sales, especially if have already exhausted other, more (initially) profitable channels such as search engine networks. Generally speaking, display advertising helps to:

  • Increase your brand’s recognition so that it becomes an easily recognisable household name among online users.
  • Multiply your website’s traffic, by generating high quality clicks from users who are favourably disposed towards your business.
  • Generate qualified leads with a high level of interest in the products you market.
  • Boost your sales by driving users who are more likely to make purchases from your website.
  • Impact users who have visited your website through the use of remarketing as they continue surfing the internet.

  • Advertise on websites that are relevant to the genre your product or service. For example, if your brand belongs to the world of fashion, you would be well advised to advertise on websites or blogs related to fashion. On the other hand, if you sell sports equipment, it would need to focus on publications belonging to this sector.

What can you achieve with display advertising?
What makes Súmate´s work method different?

What makes Súmate´s work method different?

Display advertising is an ideal option for businesses that have historically invested large amounts of money in traditional advertising channels (radio, television) and are looking to expand their horizons. Súmate offers:

  • Experience, thanks to specialised consultants who have developed numerous campaigns, not only on Google but on other online networks as well.
  • Analytical capacity, which translates into the collection of data and the ability to draw conclusions from user interactions and purchases.
  • Quality segmentation and continual optimisation, in order to maximise your investment and achieve the best results.

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