Online marketing company

Súmate Marketing Online was founded in 2011 as a response to the challenges faced by our society that arise from the generalised use of new technologies. We are aware that we live in a time of great transformations, and we are proud to play our part to help drive these changes with passion and enthusiasm.


Together we add

The entrepreneurial business venture that is Súmate is both a product of the internet age, as well as a driver of the changes brought about by the online information economy. In this new context, the key lies not in being large, but in being nimble. Likewise, it is not about beating out competitors, but about forming alliances with other stakeholders in pursuit of efficiency. Consequently, marketing in the digital era does not simply consist of doing the same with new tools, as if nothing has changed.


A commitment to sustainability


Do not miss even one

Súmate takes on the challenge of connecting companies with their consumers in a way that satisfies the expectations of both. Súmate’s essential role is to provide buyers with what they truly seek and desire, which our clients will be able to provide. Therefore, in our DNA lies a sharp focus on efficiency, measurable results, and the design of marketing strategies that are aligned with the inbound philosophy.

Súmate considers itself to be a global company without losing its commitment to Salamanca’s business and social environment, where its principal production centre is located and where it collaborates with the University of Salamanca in teaching its Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing.

Our international focus can be seen both through our ambitious plans to expand outside of Spain as well as our highly specialised and multilingual staff, capable of working in over twenty languages as native speakers. This way, we can offer a direct, centralised and highly comprehensive service to a diverse range of customers and their markets.