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4 Benefits of selling
on LinkedIn


Find new clients

9 million users use LinkedIn's platform to interact and connect with other professionals.


Increase your sales

70% of brands that bet on this strategy on LinkedIn claim that their profitability is positive in the first quarter.


It adds value to the brand

Publishing valuable content generates brand authority and builds trusted relationships among people in the industry.


Expand your market

90% of LinkedIn users find their ideal client on the platform. A strategy focused on connecting professionals and growing B2B companies.

Does your brand need LinkedIn B2B?

Including our LinkedIn lead service for B2B as part of your digital marketing strategy is suitable if:

You need to have a professional and relevant presence

LinkedIn is a network full of people looking for opportunities and wanting to connect with others in their industry. An optimal presence on the network will grow your professional brand and your company.

Select a current market issue

If your product or service alleviates your buyer persona's pain point, LinkedIn B2B is for you. With this strategy, you will identify your customers, reach them and be able to offer them a solution.

You want to increase your leads and establish quality connections.

Our experience allows us to find the buyer persona of your business, convert them into leads, connect with them and establish real conversations that lead to sales meetings.

Current Analysis

We begin with a market study of our client: who he is, what he does, how he does it, what and how he offers it. An analysis is made according to the strategy that will be developed in order to define achievable objectives.

LinkedIn development and enhancement

We analyze selected LinkedIn profiles using different tools. In doing so, we will take into account our experience, current trends and best practices.

Buyer Persona Creation

We seek to find the ideal customer of our service and/or product, and for that, we have developed a series of practical exercises that help us determine the qualities of this person.

Content creation and authority building

To generate authority, it is essential to create relevant content about the service and the sector or market in which we want to have an impact. The mission is to turn these professional profiles into influencers within their segment and to be referents in the service they offer.


We have a team specialized in systematizing campaign processes. This way we optimize time to generate authority, research the market, create new campaigns and propitiate new opportunities.

Digital Analytics

We help our clients understand and analyze all the data generated by the campaigns. The idea is to make the most effective decisions in relation to the objectives, the budget and to obtain sustainable performance. The results of these analytics also lead to the detection of new opportunities within the platform.

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