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Turn your data into information that grows your business

The application of web analytics techniques allows us to track all activity that is registered on our website.

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This information helps us measure the impact of our actions, understand what does and doesn’t work, what yields a high impact and what doesn’t, and make decisions to improve the user experience in order to increase sales or generate leads.

What can you achieve by doing web analytics?

Web analytics is the ideal tool to:

  • Measure the level of attainment of the objectives you set out through your actions on the internet, using accurate and reliable parameters.
  • Monitor traffic on your website and the characteristics of your target audience, thus providing you with information that allows you to plan your next steps online accordingly.
  • Improve user usability and experience by identifying which pages or areas of your website work well and which aspects of the site need retouching.
  • Increase the ROI (Return On Investment) of your online store and your business by quantifying the impact of each variable.

In fact, all online marketing specialists can take advantage of web analytics to support their work: SEO experts can measure the results of their actions; online advertising specialists can evaluate the performance of their webpages and determine which categories are the most important, which are the products most sold, etc.; and content creation and inbound marketing consultants will be able to find out about internal searches within the web and deduce which contents are most seen or which keywords are most used.
Additionally, those tasked with managing other aspects of the brand’s online presence will also find web analytics to be a strong ally. Webmasters can check loading times or errors on their webpages, and usability technicians can analyse user behaviour, determine when customers abandon the conversion funnel, etc.
Even directors and financial managers can benefit from web analytics to increase the profitability of their actions and analyse the ROI of each business channel.

What can you achieve by doing web analytics?
Does your brand need web analytics?

Does your brand need web analytics?

The following are a few tell-tale signs that you need to integrate web analytics into your everyday work:

  • you want to manage your lead generation or online sales through your webpage
  • you have noticed that your website’s ROI is low

* you are planning to make changes to your website and, as a first step, you want to evaluate the impact of those changes

  • you are interested in improving the user experience of your customers

How we do it at Súmate: our work method

At Súmate, our first step of implementing measurement systems into a website consists of two parts:

  • Technical implementation: we provide you with the JavaScript code that you will need to place into your webpages so the system is able to conduct the relevant measurements.
  • Functional implementation: we determine the objectives, filters and visits for each account and define the objectives, KPI (key performance indicators) and metrics, so that they may be analysed periodically.

Afterwards we conduct monitoring to ensure the system’s proper functioning, by carrying out test purchases to verify the ecommerce code and by helping you interpret the dashboards and using the data extraction tool.

How we do it at Súmate: our work method
What makes us different?

What makes us different?

  • We work towards measurable results. We make sure that you have all tools you need to get the most out of the data you gather.
  • Extensive experience in different sectors. Our consultants have advised websites and online businesses in a wide variety of sectors.
  • We adapt to the needs of each client. We provide you a tailor-made service based on your brand’s characteristics and your budget.

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