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Technical SEO

The technical side of SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on preparing your website so that search engines can better interpret it with the aim of achieving better search results.

Our technical SEO specialists analyse the website’s source code and its indexing as these impact the search engines. Based on this data we issue recommendations that you can apply to your websites, blogs, social networks and programming.

The technical SEO studies the web architecture (the contents of your portal and its hierarchy) which are subjects that directly influence the opportunity to earn a better ranking in search engines for determined keywords.


What can you achieve with technical seo?

Implementing a plan for technical SEO will provide advantages beyond simply raising your ranking. Specific examples include:

  • Search engines will perceive your website how you would like them to and favour contents that interest you most. In addition, by interrelating them, they will gain value.
  • If your website is new, Google and other search engines will integrate it into their index more quickly, thus helping you reach your target audience as rapidly as possible.
  • If your portal has a complex structure or has never utilised SEO, you can improve and multiply your results by a wide margin.
  • In the case that you have an online store, your products will stand out naturally for the determined keywords. This will increase the chance that your products are sold.
  • In other words, we will help you maximise your website’s value with regards to search engines.


What makes súmate’s work method different?

The base of our excellence in the field of technical SEO is the years of experience with our team of consultants in multiple sectors (fashion, tourism, retail, insurance, etc.) and their wealth of knowledge. Our high level clientele brings us new challenges, tests us every day and keeps us fit, which is necessary in our ever-changing world. Our work can encompass a diverse range of websites and businesses:

  1. We recommend issuing one-time audits for simple websites in order to increase the SEO ranking of your site. We will remain at your disposal to help if any questions arise and support changes during the implementation process for a predetermined period of time.
  2. Large portals will benefit from point audits which can be completed in single or multiple instalments paired with subsequent consultation services to help when necessary.
  3. In long-term projects with a time period of a year or more we can provide suggestions monthly or at your desired frequency so you can gradually apply changes. Meanwhile we will measure the effects of your actions and continue to optimise your future options. In addition, we offer you constant and direct support with the implementations. You will notice that your website continues to gain visibility every month!

In any case, we will stay by your side to ensure your pages achieve your desired positioning within search results, and maintain their position for a long time!

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