Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Improve your positioning and let them find you in the search engines.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a combination of techniques that improve your website indexing and positioning for internet search engines. Our objective is to increase the possibility that your website will appear in the search results for your target audience when they search for terms related to your product, thus increasing the chances for your target audience to visit your site.

what search engine optimization (seo) service are you interested in?

SEO is an instrument that promotes success for e-commerce, corporate websites, service websites etc. that seek to increase their internet visibility and gain quality traffic in order to grow their customer base and maintain current customers.

What can you achieve with SEO?

A well-developed and strategic SEO can provide the following benefits:

  • Increased quality web traffic with users, to whom your information is relevant and related to their needs.
  • Attraction of highly qualified leads that have a high probability of converting into customers.
  • Generation of new sales for your business by attracting your target audience to purchase your products and services.
  • A better online reputation through aligning all of the elements of your website with the ideas you would like to communicate.
What can you achieve with SEO?
Does your brand need SEO?

Does your brand need SEO?

Your website will be begging for SEO action if:

  • It hardly receives visits from organic search results or SEO is the channel that drives the fewest traffic.
  • It has a low capacity to capture new clients.
  • Your brand does not appear when you introduce the generic terms that are most relevant to your business.
  • You have noticed that the results you obtain when searching for your brand are not coherent with the content of your website, meaning the most relevant content of your website does not appear in the search results.
  • Or perhaps you simply would like to improve your results in organic channels.

How we do it at Sumate: our work method

Súmate analyses in depth the online presence of your business and issues a complete diagnosis with which you can easily optimise your website in order to better communicate with search engines through the following processes:

  1. Web Audit: We determine the current state of the website and then we make a list of all the ways we can intervene.
  2. Improvement Reports: We send documents in a proactive manner with instructions for implementation by your technical teams centring on possibilities to improve what was detected during the audit.
  3. Revision: We monitor modifications as they are applied and propose alternatives in the event of technical limitations.
  4. Measurement: We analyse consecutive actions as they develop and their impact on the results. This allows us to cyclically follow new ideas in a process of continued auditing, reporting and reviewing.

This system enables the possibility of improving your brand’s position within the pages of search results in a constant and progressive manner due to constant and direct communication with your consultant.

How we do it at Sumate: our work method
What makes us different?

What makes us different?

  • Proactivity. We are not going to take the back seat. We take the initiative to prepare your website regardless of any challenges we may face.
  • Personalisation. We offer services tailored to our clients, addressing only the aspects that the client chooses or that we recommend in order to add value to the brand.
  • Formation. We do not believe in account managers being the only people able to transmit information. We believe a direct relationship with the consultant encourages speed and agility when troubleshooting.
  • Quality. Fuelled by our extensive experience with various projects.
  • Innovation. Our consultants are in a continuous process of evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the algorithms utilised by different search engines.

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