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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media networks are the perfect channel to communicate with almost any brand’s target audience. According to the latest Estudio Anual de Redes Sociales (annual study of social networks) carried out by IAB Spain, 87% of web surfers between the ages of 16 and 65 use social media in this country.

Each user spontaneously knows about an average of three social media platforms and more than eight with suggestions. The main goals of social media networks in Spain are entertainment (81%), social interaction (77%), and access to information (66%).

Advertising in Social Media Networks entails an investment in order to greatly expand the reach of your message within these platforms.

The overall goal is to be able to reach potential clients by segmenting your audience, based on the corresponding sociodemographic features.


What can you achieve with social media advertising?

Investing in social media advertising as a means of disseminating the virtues of your products and services allows you to:

  • Exponentially multiply the visibility of your messages when compared with the results you might achieve solely through means of organic reach.
  • Reach very specific audiences thanks to the heighted capacity for segmentation offered by social media, and when compared to mass media channels such as television or radio.
  • Cultivate your brand’s image, making yourself known and creating a positive image among your internet users.
  • Reinforce your sales channels, giving users the capacity to evaluate and compare your products across social media platforms before they visit your physical store or make a purchase on your online store.
  • Gain quality web traffic by attracting visitors that are very interested in your products or services.
  • Get highly qualified leads from users who have shown an interest in receiving more information or in becoming clients of your brands.

What is different about the method of work at súmate?

At Súmate, we will get to work on boosting your brand through the following processes:

  • Initial meeting, to truly get to know your business and determine the goals you wish to achieve.
  • Defining the strategy and campaign launch. We create different campaigns aimed at distinct audiences. This allows us to conduct field tests, to verify which proposals work best.
  • Progressive optimization. By means of periodic data collection we evaluate the operation of our campaigns and collect all information necessary to make decisions.
    This way, we stop campaigns with poor performance and reinforce those that are registering high levels of favourable reception.
  • Measurement of results. We produce reports and share the results with our clients so that we can collaborate with them and continue to advance towards achieving their goals.
Advertising on Twitter

Spain has 7.5 million active profiles on Twitter, which, according to the latest Estudio Anual de Redes Sociales (annual study of social networks) carried out by IAB Spain, the average time spent checking this network’s timeline is 6 hours and 53 minutes per week.

Users are still accessing this social media network through their mobile devices. Said users are mostly millennials (60%), ranging from 25 to 40 years of age.

What can you achieve by advertising on twitter?

Twitter’s capacity to serve as a loudspeaker for your brand is evident by the following results:

  1. You can reach very specific audiences through tracking activities and very specific content publication, targeting those clearly interested in your market area.
  2. You will find it particularly useful for developing short term campaigns such as offers valid for a day or just a few hours that will report immediate results. However, let us not forget that this is also a very attractive channel for long-term actions.


What makes our method of work different at sumáte?

  1. Micro-segmentation. We have the tools, the knowledge and the skills necessary to highly define the target audience that most interests you and help you hit your mark with your Twitter advertisement.
  2. Constant optimization. We frequently revise your campaign’s process, and basing our actions on objective data, we take the necessary steps to make the appropriate adjustments to ensure that your investment will never go to waste.
  3. We walk hand and hand with you. Your business is truly important to us and we give our all to help you achieve your goals.
Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media network in Spain (94% of people who use these types of platforms have a Facebook account).

It is visited around four times a day with an average of 1h 19 minutes spent there, according to the latest Estudio Anual de Redes Sociales (annual study of social networks) by IAB Spain. The average user is approximately 41 years old, and unlike other networks, the most-used device is a computer (72%), followed by the mobile phone (62%) and tablets (59%).


What can you achieve by advertising on facebook?
Investing in the dissemination of your advertising messages on Facebook will provide the following benefits:

  1. The chance to have an impact on almost any type of audience, given Facebook’s high market penetration across all strata of the population.
  2. A sound, finely tuned definition of potential clients, thanks for the meticulous breakdown of audiences that you can realise.
  3. Through tools such as Custom Audiences you can direct your advertisements to users who have already visited your site, or began to make a purchase on your online store but did not complete their purchase.
  4. If you are concerned about equipping your website with an adaptive design, you can take advantage of segmenting messages for mobile devices and for desktops.

How is súmate’s method of work different?

  1. We are focused on achieving measureable results. We analyse the results of each of our actions to ensure that each of the interventions we have developed for you will become a profitable, measurable part your business.
  2. We micro-segment your audience in the most precise way, thanks to the functionalities available on the platform.
  3. We offer our customers friendly, personal treatment. We work shoulder to shoulder with you in pursuit of the success of your business, and are always open to solve any questions or receive suggestions.
Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect advertising platform for those companies whose target audience are millennials and generation Z, both with a similar percentage when it comes to interest towards this social media network (66%).

It has more than 20 million active users in Spain, and it is one of the two most-visited social media networks, with an average usage time of 1h 19 minutes per day, according to the Estudio Anual de Redes Sociales (annual study of social networks) published by IAB Spain.

What can you achieve by advertising on instagram?

Instagram is a perfect social network to connect with your target audience through advertising given that:

  1. Instagram users search for pleasant, light content that will amuse and inspire them. They will feel comfortable following a brand and clicking on their publications, should the brand offer them that.
  2. Instagram offers extremely high rates of engagement and the potential to ‘go viral’.
  3. Instagram offers opportunities for audience segmentation identical to those of Facebook, allowing for high efficiency in targeting campaigns with a similar costs-per-click (CPC).
  4. Additionally, if you choose to incorporate video content, your advertising reach will be superior to those of competitors doing advertising based solely on images.


What makes our method of work different at Súmate?

  1. Creation of consistent messages: We help make your Instagram advertising strategy coherent with your line of communication in a way that you can achieve your goals.
  2. Constant optimisation of your account: We are always vigilant, so that you can achieve the best results with the advertising budget you invest. To that end, we apply optimisation that allow us to make adjustments on the CPC, while making sure your advertising continues to appear for the people who most interest you.
Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an eminently professional social network that has more than 10 million users in Spain. These are mostly millennials who visit the platform, in average, for four hours per week, according to the information provided by IAB Spain in their latest Estudio Anual de Redes Sociales (annual study of social networks).

What can you achieve by advertising with linkedin?

LinkedIn has been is designed as the ideal space to favour communication and thus, business to business (B2B) advertising.

You can target your campaigns at a very specific audience by selecting features such as the business sector, profession, job position, etc. Also you have the possibility to advertise directly to specific companies.

It is useful if you are seeking to gain both highly qualified leads as well as sales.

Businesses that perhaps do not find a place on more general networks find LinkedIn to be their ideal promotional platform on account of the professional context in which they move.


What makes súmate’s method of work different?

Constant optimisation. Our approach is focused on experimentation and continuous improvement, trying out new options in order to find those which work best.

We have extensive experience. We were one of the first online marketing agencies on the Spanish scene to offer our customers advertisement management on LinkedIn.

Advertising on TikTok

In the last few years, TikTok has become a revolutionary social network. In Spain alone, it has approximately 9 million users, 41% of which are between 16 and 24 years old, according to information from Globalwebindex. If your target audience is young and dynamic, you can reach them through the most creative advertising we have seen so far.


What can you achieve through advertising in TikTok?

In TikTok, it is essential to bring out all the creativity you can muster in order to connect with the audience:

  1. You will be able to direct your campaigns towards a very specific group that generally avoids traditional advertising.
  2. Create campaigns that focus on promoting challenges; this is a great option to make the brand known.
  3. Immerse your brand in TikTok with the help of a content creator. This is another way of achieving a wider presence in this social network.

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