Social media optimization (SMO)

Social networks are the most suitable channel to connect with nearly all target audiences. According to the most recent Annual Study of Social Networks, conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Spain (IBA Spain), more than 15 million people (8 out of 10 Internet users) use social media in Spain. The average user is active on 4.7 social media platforms and spends close to 3 hours every week on each platform.

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On a global scale, social networks boasts over 2.000 million followers, which represents 29% of the entire world’s population.
In this context, advertising on social networks consists of making an investment to multiply the reach of your message within those platforms. The goal is to get these messages to reach your potential customers by means of segmenting your audience, in accordance with the right sociodemographic characteristics.

What can you achieve with social media advertising?

Investing in social media advertising as a means of disseminating the virtues of your products and services allows you to:

  • Exponentially multiply the visibility of your messages when compared with the results you might achieve solely through means of organic reach.
  • Reach very specific audiences thanks to the heighted capacity for segmentation offered by social media, and when compared to mass media channels such as television or radio.
  • Cultivate your brand’s image, making yourself known and creating a positive image among your internet users.
  • Reinforce your sales channels, giving users the capacity to evaluate and compare your products across social media platforms before they visit your physical store or make a purchase on your online store.
  • Gain quality web traffic by attracting visitors that are very interested in your products or services.
  • Get highly qualified leads from users who have shown an interest in receiving more information or in becoming clients of your brands.

What can you achieve with social media advertising?
What is different about the method of work at Súmate?

What is different about the method of work at Súmate?

At Súmate, we will get to work on boosting your brand through the following processes:

  • Initial meeting, to truly get to know your business and determine the goals you wish to achieve.
  • Defining the strategy and campaign launch. We create different campaigns aimed at distinct audiences. This allows us to conduct field tests, to verify which proposals work best.
  • Progressive optimization. By means of periodic data collection we evaluate the operation of our campaigns and collect all information necessary to make decisions. This way, we stop campaigns with poor performance and reinforce those that are registering high levels of favourable reception.
  • Measurement of results. We produce reports and share the results with our clients so that we can collaborate with them and continue to advance towards achieving their goals.

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