Daniel Borrego - Súmate

Daniel Borrego

Partner and Product Manager

One of the things I am most passionate about and, at the same, most terrified of is teaching. I love teaching Online Marketing classes and Web Design. In fact, I became the SEM teacher of the Programa Superior de Marketing e Internet 2.0 at the Salamanca Chamber Commerce two years ago. But in the days leading up to standing before students, I shake like jelly. 

Nevertheless, as soon as I begin to speak and explain, I am transformed. And I love observing the changes and the learning inside my auditorium, how the students absorb what I tell them and how they eventually outdo the master. 

IT engineer, my landing point with Súmate, as the Joint Director of Accounts and Consulting, after working in companies such as Index Programación y Desarrollo de Software, Grupo ATU or Traffic4U. I have experienced a natural professional evolution from IT to Web Design and to Online Marketing.  

I am a little pigeonholed with what is personally up my sleeves: my love for music. I play both the guitar and piano and I love to write music. Maybe in the future I will get into creating music for video games – a dream of which I’ve had for years. 

Things are done well or not done at all.