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Get the most out of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the additive that your digital strategy needs to function with solvency.


Keep your website vibrant and alive

You can keep your website vibrant and alive in a state of continual growth, abound with new and attractive stories that will make users want to visit your site repeatedly.


Improve your page’s organic positioning

You will improve your page’s organic positioning, thus increasing its chances to show up more frequently, in better positions and with more keywords as part of the search results.


Boost your Social Media

You will nurture your social media practices and foster your publications on social networks. Your community manager will thank you for it.


Stand out after Online Advertising

You will offer an additional setting where those who have reached you through online advertisements can continue to interact with your brand.

Does your brand need content marketing?

Content marketing could be exactly what you need if you find yourself in one of the following situations:

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Positive image of your brand

You want to cultivate and consolidate a positive image of your brand and become associated with a quality label as part of the services you offer.

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Supports to Boost

Tools, parts, materials to be used as a basis for the development of the rest of the actions and as a complement in the SEO field.

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Medium and Long-term growth

With the aim of increasing sales in a considerable and sustained way over time.

How we do it at súmate: our work method

Súmate understands content marketing as a process in which different players are involved, each who are highly specialised in the tasks required in this field. The focus of our work with you is as follows:

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Strategy planning

Includes: selecting target audience profiles, determining thematic areas and requirements to be covered by the content, setting goals, and creating a style guide.

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Themes and scheduling

Once the framework has been created, we focus on planning out the various elements such as selecting topics, the focus and formats. We then schedule the production, dividing the tasks amongst all relevant parties (writers, editors, graphic designers, coordinators, social media managers, etc.)

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Content production

This point comprises of a series of steps, each focused on guaranteeing the highest quality of the deliverable materials such as keyword analysis, documentation, copywriting, and graphic enhancement.

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Editing and publication

Includes the final revision of the content and contingency provisions at the moment of publication.

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Continuous improvement

If we detect any inefficiencies, we will take note of them in order to avoid their repetition in future production cycles.

what makes us different?

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Each of our clients is unique, and consequently we develop an action plan tailored exclusively to your needs, involving ourselves as if we were an actual part of your company.
Excellence in training
Our consultants are certified in inbound marketing and have a wide experience in businesses across many sectors; at the same time, we hold regular training sessions to keep up with the fast-moving pace and evolution of the online marketing sector.
The management platform will be yours and you will always have full access to it. If at some point our joint efforts cease and we no longer work together, you will still keep your history and all the tasks that have been completed up until that point.

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