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Many clients have worked with us, both large and medium-sized companies. At Súmate we believe that if anyone can commend our professionalism and know-how, it’s them.

Success story of Verti

Success story of Verti

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Success story of Kreditech

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Success story of Vagaluz

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We are a team that loves to try new things and face new challenges. We believe in the power of data but above all we are your team if you are looking for trust, creativity and quality. Would you like to get to know us?

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Modelos de atribución: ¿Cómo asignar las conversiones a nuestras campañas?

Written by Miguel Ángel Mateos
Es frecuente encontrarse con palabras clave que atraen el primer clic del posible comprador, pero éste termina realizando la conversión en un clic de anuncios posteriores. Entonces, ¿a qué anuncio se le atribuye mayor importancia? ¿Es necesario prescindir del primer anuncio, ya que la conversión se adjudica al segundo? Te contamos los diferentes modelos de atribución de conversiones que puedes utilizar.


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june, 2018

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