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SEO Copywriting

The SEO technique (search engine optimization) is formed in part by the process of copywriting. The goal is to optimise a series of meta tags based on predetermined keywords in order for the URL to earn a better position within search results.

SEO copywriting focuses mainly on URLs that are transactional or have great importance within the sector. Through a process of exhaustive studies with our clients we establish the meta descriptions. We perform a thorough analysis of keywords to determine the most important meta tags: the own URL, the title, the description, keywords and longdescription that ensure the URL is understandable for users and search engines alike and accompanied by a header or H1.

What can you achieve with a seo copy?

Content is one of the most important factors in position within search results on the web. Ideally once we have advanced our technical SEO plan we will maximise the value and quality of web content. In this sense copywriting serves to:

  • Increase the appearance within search results, thus attracting clicks from users and increasing CTR (click through rate).
  • Consolidate your keyword strategy: Utilise relevant keywords within your sector to earn a favourable position.
  • Improve your organic positioning in strategic searches: Elements of the copy are directly influenced by the algorithm used by search engines.
  • Maintain your e-commerce’s webpages well placed within the search engines for generic searches, especially optimising category pages that are well qualified and have the largest volume of traffic

What makes súmate’s work method different?

Súmate’s copywriting team has a reputation for their thorough and effective performance. Our methodology has been refined through work with international clients and with domestic clients in international sectors. Once we receive the list of URLs that you would like to optimise we undertake the following processes:

  • Client Formation: We learn the background information of the products and services. We host a session with each client to familiarise ourselves with their brand. The copies we create will incorporate the philosophy, values and brand differentiation of each client that we work with.
  • Style Guide: Before we begin the process we define a few style guidelines that not only serve to support our subsequent work but also serves as a reference guide for our client when writing new copies.
  • Keyword analysis: We familiarise ourselves with vocabulary from your sector by consulting blogs and magazines. Furthermore we utilise specialised tools to understand how the brand’s target audience completes routine searches. With this information we select which keywords should be used in the meta tags.
  • Writing: We write every meta tag (title, description, URL, longdescription and keywords) cautiously with the essence of the brand in mind.
    Final document: The final document is a clear and detailed collection of our work that is ready to be applied to your website.

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