Marcos Rodríguez - Súmate

Marcos Rodríguez

Graphic Designer

Ever since I was a young boy, I never stopped drawing with my paint sets and even today, I still do this very thing. Colours, designs and illustrations have kept me company every day. Since I was a kid I always knew what I liked so that’s why I went directly into the Art’s track in high school. From there I moved into the Ciclo Superior de Ilustración and fully dedicated myself to this fantastic career that is the Fine Arts. 

Once I became specialised in Graphic Design, I worked for different companies and I even crossed the pond with the end goal of continuing to expand my career in Vancouver, where I learned a lot both professionally and personally. 

Because I missed my loved ones, I decided to return to Spain and got to work on continuing this career development, working for different companies in Design and Communication, until I ended up at Súmate., where my work focuses primarily on maintaining the client’s image in the digital world. I also offer support with any content marketing projects or advertising through social media, among other tasks.

Continued learning has become a part of my way of life so that’s why I decided to start studying for a Master’s in Digital Marketing, with Súmate’s support. And because I wanted to be able to better understand the industry in which I work and to gain a 360° perspective.

In the meantime, I am nurturing my artistic side by designing music album covers and creative odds and ends for the music industry. I’ve worked with Warner Music Spain and the band Mago de Oz, among others.

I consider it one of my hobbies because I really enjoy taking on these types of challenges. I juggle all of this with teaching design classes at the USAL and in my spare time I like the drums, the cinema and video games.

Knowledge is what stays after you have forgotten what you’ve learned.