Elena Rey - Súmate

Elena Rey

SEO Copywriting Consultant

When I was little, I would get upset when my sister would sit down to read and didn’t want to play with me. I used to tell her that she would go crazy like Don Quijote –which looking back on it, I think that was a more literary insult for someone who said she hated reading. Thanks to her, I read “Around the World in 80 Days,” before I was 12 and since then I always have a book started and several sitting on my “to read” list.

During that same time period, we learned how to make a little colour-changing square bounce across the screen on my mum’s computer, which consisted of a keyboard, TV-style screen and a cassette. So, I didn’t understand what programming was about and what the word “colour,” was, in reality, a command, but it turned out to be fun.

At 13, I won a prize for best organised room at an English camp and I’ve still held onto the colourful flag they gave me.

My role as a copywriter at Súmate perfectly combines all of those previous experiences together. Given that it is a job that requires order, patience, analytical skills, good writing, imagination and some sort of knowledge of HTML coding.

In my free time, it’s easy to find me at a station or inside an airport ready to cross off another location off my list of the places I want to see. A list that grows faster than I presently travel. I also enjoy taking a stroll through Salamanca, and the more I travel, the more I love it.

Nothing develops intelligence like travel.” – Émile Zola