Mercedes Martín - Súmate

Mercedes Martín

SEO Copywriting Director

I’ve always liked sports, music, dance… In fact, I thought about becoming a successful ballerina in New York. Look at what FAME did to the teenagers of my generation! However, on second thought, the love I had for music and sports is actually what has enriched both my personal and professional lives. 

I studied Social Work, English and Italian. These fields of study led me to work in companies such as Don Quijote, a Spanish-language school for foreigners, and Nido Viajes de Idiomas, a language-focused travel agency that specialised in English language courses abroad. There we designed a website that acted as the sales and communication engine for our customers. After a few years, I decided to delve deeper into online marketing. I worked as an Accounts Adviser for Traffic4u. I also previously spent some time at Internet Studios, where I had the opportunity to get to know the worlds of social media, blogs and content creation up close. And not to mention, how price comparison worked in the E-commerce world. 

I’ve been working at Súmate since 2013. I started in Google and Facebook Ads and then I moved on to become a part of the SEO Copywriting team. It’s a department that is filled with a very professional and great group of people whom I love so much. Every day is a school day, a challenge..that we all face as a team and overcome together. 

 Outside of work, music and sport have continued to keep me company as always. I’m a soprano in the Chamber Choir at the Universidad de Salamanca and I play Padel regularly. I love eating and whenever I have the chance, I meet up with my friends for a food-related experience or if the plan is to travel, even better. 

He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot.” – Miguel de Cervantes