María Shimizu - Súmate

María Shimizu

SEO Copywriting Consultant

The first time I got on a plane was when I was only 3 years old. And not just any trip, there are more than 10,000 km between Japan and Spain. This is what happens when you are born into a family with a Japanese father and a Spanish mother. Since I was a little girl, getting on an aeroplane had become routine, like going to your village to visit your family in the summer. We did this until I turned 11 when we moved to Spain and then the trips were reversed.

Thanks to those trips and my parents, I have two countries, Japan and Spain. Both of which I love equally. Growing up in between two very different cultures helped me see and understand many different types of people, ways of thinking and customs that exist in the world.

At the University, I earned a degree in Eastern Asian Studies, immersed in Japanese language and culture. Learning both languages has opened up more doors that I could have imagined, like the one that opened for me in Súmate. It’s a place with an open-minded, dynamic and multicultural work environment, where I hope to learn each day and be able to take on the responsibility that this opportunity has afforded me.

“なんでもいいからさ 本気でやってごらん

本気でやれば たのしいから

本気でやれば つかれないから

つかれても つかれが さわやかだから”

“It doesn’t matter what you do, but do it with all your strength
If you really and truly do it, you’ll have fun
If you really and truly do it, you won’t get tired
And if you tire, that exhaustion will restore you.”

– Mituwo Aida, Japanese poet and calligrapher

SEO Copywriting Consultant at Súmate since 2014.