Antonio Moutinho - Súmate

Antonio Moutinho

SEM and SEO Consultant

Globalisation and curiosity. Possibly the two best words I can use to define my life, that began on the other side of the pond, in Venezuela, at the end of the 80s. My parents, emigrants and entrepreneurs, provided me with the chance to live and learn in Europe, which led me to Portugal, France, Spain and later on, Ireland.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a coroner. Nevertheless, the love I have for languages and other cultures steered me toward a degree in Translation and Interpretation. I later added on a Master’s in European Union Studies. Once I got into the world of online marketing, I felt the need to complete a Master’s in Marketing, which I could combine theory with work experience. Presently, I am continuing my E-commerce marketing education. It’s a fun and evolving field in which Súmate has given me the chance to go deeper in terms of SEO, SEM, SMM and international projects. I have gained a 360º perspective of marketing and it’s something I benefit from on the projects in which I’m strategically involved.

In my free time I enjoy reading about psychology, law, science fiction, medicine and marketing. I’m one of those people who can read 5 books at a time. As soon as I start to get bored with one book, I’ll skip to another. I must confess that another passion of mine is writing but, as the Germans say, I write for myself: für die Schublade schreiben.

I consider myself to be a level-headed person. I firmly believe in the value of listening, given that imperviousness is so prolific, like a salty desert.

“Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence.” – Chinese Proverb