Lisseth Fereira - Súmate

Lisseth Fereira

SEM Consultant

I was born and raised in a city so enchanting and chaotic, my beloved Caracas (Venezuela) with the fortune of having a “village” to where I travel for vacation and feel that comforting freedom.

I studied Economics in my hometown and worked with companies such as Banco Exterior and Ernst & Young. They were jobs that enriched my life and were filled with experiences and lessons.

Sometime later, I wanted to leave my comfort zone and I stopped in Bournemouth (England), where I studied English and lived with a wonderful host family. After that experience, my adventures led me to Spain: Madrid, Jaén and now Salamanca. I won’t stop! But this is what has made me grow and discover the wonder of each place and its people.

In Madrid, I completed an MBA and a Master in Digital Marketing, both of which I loved to put into practice as a sales consultant at such a multi-cultural agency like Súmate.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Neale Donald Walsch