Ana Rodilla - Súmate

Ana Rodilla

SEO Consultant and Internal Marketing Specialist

If you know me, you can call me Ani. I like to write. I watch far more series than I can take on. I share my office with Carmen, a chihuahua we adopted 4 years ago and I can’t go to sleep without reading a book even if it’s just one page. 

At Súmate, I divide my time between the Internal Marketing Department and some SEO and other content projects. I previously worked in London and at other international marketing agencies. Thanks to all of these experiences, I was able to turn my job into my passion. 

I have degrees in both IT and technical engineering with a systems focus. I completed an MBA in which I handled the marketing part of. It was from that point that later mapped out my professional trajectory. I am a self-taught learner in Graphic Design and I’ve been working on my own projects for more than 15 years. Besides all of that, I am currently pursuing a degree in Education for pleasure, something that at some point I believed was going to be unrelated to my previous experiences, but I’ve discovered that it’s not. I think education that advocates for critical thinking is necessary, especially on the Internet. And that it fights to promote a more realistic and adaptable way of thinking that is related to the modern world, digital competencies and technology. As you can tell, my worlds are coming together. 

Whenever I have some free time, I like to clear my mind by drawing (my purses are always full of pens and notebooks) and I do so with a more modern perspective. I also cook with H and afterwards we write and publish our recipes on our cooking blog. 

Before I was a marketing consultant, I was a little girl who paid attention to everything and told everyone about it all. I learned to read and write at a very young age thanks to my grandma, who threw herself into expanding my creative mind, one of my treasures. I’ve always been very communicative and persistent, and here’s some proof: I asked for a brother for 13 years and I got my wish. 

“I think people should feel encouraged to be themselves”, Dave Grohl.