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The Client: BETWEEN Technology

BETWEEN Technology is a multinational consultancy business with more than 20 years of experience in technological solutions and integral services. Its purpose is twofold: searching for the best way to achieve the expectations of its clients, and providing their employees with an enriching professional career with tremendous potential for the future. 


Needs and goals

BETWEEN Technology plans its Inbound Marketing strategy annually, with the following goals: 

  • Position themselves as a point of reference in the technology sector, in fields such as engineering or computer science, and dealing with issues like employability, current events and trends.
  • Attract organic qualified traffic to their website; potential clients and professionals who want to grow in the field of technological consulting, and who could become BETWEEN employees in the future.

To nurture this Inbound Marketing strategy, BETWEEN needed help in the development of quality content; in particular, posts for its own blogs, and collaborations to publish in external media. This is where Súmate came in, as a content marketing agency.


The challenge

At Súmate we have extensive experience in the creation of specialised content for B2B and B2C businesses. However, collaborating with BETWEEN brought a considerable challenge. First, we had to find topics that would interest a very demanding audience (professionals from the fields of engineering, web development, computing, etc.) who were very aware of their Internet searches. Afterwards, we had to write about them in a rigorous and entertaining way.  

But since we love a good challenge, we started working on it right away! 

How did we do it?

Our expert Inbound & Marketing Content team designed a work system in two phases, which was completely adapted to BETWEEN’s needs:

Phase 1: Planning

We prepared an editorial calendar, thoroughly defining the requirements for each submitted text: topics, keywords, links, deadlines, etc. To outline it with more detail, we used two tactics:

  • Continuous monitoring of the trends in the sector, using tracking and reading specialised media in both Spanish and English-speaking markets.
  • Keyword analysis to identify the search patterns of our target audience.


Phase 2: Production

Our in-house team of writers specialised in technology generated the content. Following our usual method, we were especially careful with: 

  • Carrying out an extensive research and documentation process about each topic before tackling the article itself, or guest post.
  • Checking the accuracy of our information with professionals who have training in engineering, IT and web development.
  • Carefully ensuring impeccable spelling and grammar in our texts, as well as using inclusive language that fostered the visibility of women in STEM degrees.



Using this system is how we achieved our goal: posts of the highest quality, very focused towards the target audience, current, in line with the sector’s interests, SEO optimised and that fit perfectly with the Inbound Marketing strategy for BETWEEN. 

This is the reason why, year after year, the Marketing & Communications Department at BETWEEN entrusts Súmate with the creation of new content with which to strengthen their digital presence.

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