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The Client: Interflora

Interflora is a leading company in online flower sales. It has a network of more than 50,000 partner flower shops, and they have provided a flower and plant delivery service since 1946 in 150 countries. One of Interflora’s principles is to ensure high-quality shipments and deliveries; and as a result, many customers have placed their trust in this company throughout the years.


Needs and goals

When Interflora first started working with Súmate, they were leaders in the flower home-delivery sector in Spain, with stable sales numbers and good organic positioning. One of the project’s priorities was to maintain this position and grow organically within a sector where competitors kept increasing. At the same time, the Portuguese market was another path for development, a country where Interflora still didn’t have a strong presence. Therefore, three main goals were defined: 

  • Boost organic traffic growth and increase sales, compared to previous years.
  • Stand out with key campaigns such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, dates with increasing competition.
  • Foster growth in the Portuguese market.


The challenge

The initial analysis detected that the gap between Interflora and its competitors was getting smaller and smaller. The competition was becoming more popular within the sector and we arrived at a point where new plant and flower-delivery brands were emerging with much visibility, especially in social media. Hence, this was the main challenge we faced: securing the results that had already been achieved in the face of an increasingly greater and stronger competition.

Additionally, a migration for the blog was programmed. Overcoming that process successfully while minimising its impact was another crux in this project. If we wanted to achieve the aforementioned goals, it was imperative that the migration had the minimum effect possible. 


How did we do it?

Several organic areas within digital marketing were dealt with in the Interflora project. The team was comprised of native Spanish and Portuguese consultants specialised in: technical SEO, SEO Copywriting and content. The team worked together, contributing with different approaches for both the website and the blog while avoiding competition between the two parts to benefit the organic search results; the goal was that it should all work jointly to attract a larger qualified traffic.

In the cases of both Spain and Portugal, the project was planned around two parallel organic growth strategies that we will describe in greater detail below:

Overall strategy

For this part of the project, we understood the website as a whole. The aim was to achieve growth and a global optimisation. The following aspects were boosted:

  • Technical SEO optimisation of the website and the blog. 
  • Optimisation of the website’s content and the meta descriptions.
  • Creation of content geared towards boosting brand positioning and transactional keyword searches.

Campaigns’ strategies

Alongside Interflora, we set the key moments throughout the year when the brand should have more visibility, and organised the tasks accordingly for the different campaigns. The SEO team and specialised writers worked on aspects such as:

  • Analysis of new long-tail keywords
  • Writing and proofreading of the contents by campaigns, making clear which were the key contents and which the related ones.
  • Link sculpting: global internal link management and an extensive check of the different links between website and blog, as they related to each campaign.

At the same time, a migration of the blog was carried out without much impact and newsletters were sent to the registered customers.


This work model was specific to the project, which resulted in the achievement of the established goals: an increase in organic traffic in both markets and to widen the gap with the competition.

Both the technical optimisation tasks and the published SEO content will help foster Interflora’s growth in the future, since it has a solid base from which to do so.

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[SEO traffic growth 2020 vs 2019]

[SEO traffic growth 2019 vs 2018]

[SEO traffic growth in the blog six months after the migration]



‘At Interflora we search for collaborations that have a certain agility, autonomy and resourcefulness. In Súmate we found a collaborator that responds quickly and clearly, a group that will help us move forward. Companies are really the people who work in them, and we can say we have seen these qualities in each team member that has been a part of our account; they are as professional as they are pleasant.’

Javier Gómez de la Mata

Interflora’s eCommerce manager


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