Pablo Rodríguez - Súmate

Pablo Rodríguez

Chief Information Officer

What to say about me? As a child I was a nuisance. When I was born, I was the smallest baby in the hospital, even though I had been born two months early, this was normal. Now, I’m many years older and I’m 6’3”, I love playing pranks on the computer (that’s how I do them), going to the gym and practising sports (yes, I played basketball, how did you know?) I also enjoy going to the cinema, listening to music (Rammstein ist der Beste in particular), playing video games and Airsoft. Whenever I can, I travel to get to know new places, cultures and cuisines, and if I travel with family, friends or the wife (I mention her so she doesn’t beat me up), even better. 

Even though I studied Computer Engineering with postgraduate studies in Digital Marketing, tutoring IT students (yes, that was me, beloved professors) awakened my teaching side. So that is how I ended up teaching classes in diverse training programs from the Salamanca Town Hall, la Junta de Castilla y la Mancha, the European Social Fund and at universities such as the Universidad de Salamanca or the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (Madrid).  

Currently, I am the Training, IT and Cybersecurity Manager at Súmate (that was to be expected, right?) And no, I’m not going to format your computer.  

The ends justify the means” Napolean Bonaparte