Mirjam van Meerveld - Súmate

Mirjam van Meerveld

SEO Copywriting Consultant

Sentencio Cicerón said more than 2,000 years ago, “Wherever you are well, there lies your country,” and I won’t be the one to do the opposite. On the contrary. I was born in Holland and I adore my country. A small part of my heart is there but Spain was where I created my family.  So that’s why I’m very fortunate. I have two countries and I love them both.

What would I say about myself? When I was barely a couple of years old, I dreamed of being a grown up. That I would exchange tulips for these grasslands. 

It wasn’t until after I had studied Spanish and got a degree in Speech Therapy that I arrived in Salamanca to perfect my studies. In this city I began to work at the Universidad Pontificia and I gained experience as an administrative assistant/administrator thanks to my job at Arco Wine Investment Group. 

And how I still feel fortunate, now working as an SEO Copywriting Consultant for my two languages/countries at Súmate, where I had been working as a sales consultant for international markets.

I rely on the seriousness, trust and confidence that I gained from my experiences to help me carry out my job in a professional and high-quality manner. 

And you won’t always find me at my job. You’ll find me taking a walk with my husband and two sons, riding my bike, being surrounded by friends or having a coffee in Plaza Mayor while admiring the beauty of its stones.

Everything you go through grows you”, Robert Tew