Laura Barrios - Súmate

Laura Barrios

SEM and Social Media Consultant

When I was little, I wanted to be an English teacher which is why I studied English Language and Literature at the Universidad de Salamanca. To finish off my studies, I went to Oxford where I worked at the University of Oxford for three years. And it was there where I truly learned English. 

From a professional standpoint, I consider myself to be versatile. I’ve worked in English teaching Public Relations. But I am most comfortable on online platforms. My first major contact with the Internet was when I was a Course Counsellor at Don Quijote (a Spanish language academy for foreigners), where the course selling was done through an online platform. It was there I learned that if you don’t have a website with good content, you’re destined to disappear (and we’re talking about 2003 here!) 

I worked as an Account Manager at Internet Advantage for 6 years. It’s an online marketing agency who is also located in Salamanca. I started working at Súmate as a Sales Consultant, trying my best to tell clients all about the importance of having a good online marketing strategy. My organised and teamwork-focused personality have helped me become Project Manager. And it didn’t stop there, my curiosity for knowledge has led me to grow professionally and now I’m working as an advertising consultant. 

In my free time, I like to enjoy the simple things like having a couple of beers with my friends, watching an episode of my favourite series or reading a good book. I don’t consider myself an athletic person but I’ve found swimming to be therapeutic (it’s like pilates but in water) and a great friend. I live with my cat, Ava, and through her, I’ve learned that cats are very much strangers and whoever says “they do their own thing” doesn’t know anything about these fun, unpredictable and wonderful creatures. Who doesn’t do their own thing at some point in the day? 

We are all very ignorant. What happens is that not all ignore the same things.” – Albert Einstein 

SEM and Social Media Consultant at Súmate since 2016.