David Limón - Súmate

David Limón

Sales Consultant

Coming to Spain from the United States 20 years ago has been a grand adventure. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures and perspectives. Both things have helped me expand my own point of view and understanding of the world. From that perspective, I try to instil all my experiences and knowledge into what I do. 

Just like my personal life, my professional life has gone through different stages. Coming into the world of distribution (starting out at only 14 years old!), has allowed me, as a digital consultant, to have the opportunity to develop successful strategies and plans for different clients, focusing on achievement of results with an understanding that only comes from personal excellence. With that, I am developing digital strategies to help clients, as leaders in the luxury, banking, industrial and first-rate education sectors realise their online potential.  

Working directly with clients to help them reach their goals is what makes my role at Súmate so gratifying, besides being able to work with a great team of digital experts. 

 Oh, the things you can find. If you don’t stay behind!” – Dr. Seuss