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Success story of Verti

Success story of Verti

Verti increased brand recall by 120% thanks to in-stream YouTube ads.

Verti increased its return in SEM by 103,51% by restructuring its campaigns.

Verti achieves spectacular results by implementing advanced segmentation strategies on YouTube.

How to generate the same cost per conversion as in Adwords with YouTube in-stream ads.

Verti is known for its exciting and groundbreaking campaigns in the insurance sector with its eagerness to be innovative and stand out from the competition with its novel approach to digital marketing campaigns in YouTube with In-Stream ads. By using an aggressive segmentation strategy and very powerful videos, it was able to obtain direct sales and achieve the same CPL in YouTube as in its generic Adwords campaigns.

Verti’s main conversion objective was to get user price quotes via the web. They wanted to increase the volume of quotes without increasing the cost per lead and therefore jeopardising the profitability of the SEM campaigns. They also were hoping to find new channels to promote their brand and generate business.

The consultants faced two major obstacles: on one hand the original account structure was impracticable and was competing in an extremely demanding sector. In YouTube we lacked ads specifically adapted to the platform and ended up having to use TV ads. However, in the end we overcame both obstacles.

– Daniel Borrego, director of Súmate and lead consultant on Verti project

In order to achieve the goal, without losing its marketing focus, Verti decided to try a new approach to generate new sales and increase brand awareness. Together with Súmate, a strategy with various phases was developed to reach its objectives.

A very profitable SEM channel: CPL reduction by +50%

Daniel Borrego explains: “In the first stage, keeping in mind the goal to increase sales and optimise results by improving the profitability of the account, we undertook a complete account restructure in Adwords and Bing. Everything changed. The new approach focused on making the account easier to manage and analyse. The resulting account is designed to be easily scalable, detailed and clear. Within the first 12 months after completing the account restructure, Verti saw a 40,1% increase in quotes online and the cost per quote dropped by 26,3%. Some months saw up to a 73,4% increase in quotes at 40,7% less cost than before.” Thanks to these actions in addition to improvements in its internal processes, Verti’s policy sales went up over 100% while the cost per sale went down by more than 50%.

Using In-Stream Ads to Drive Direct Sales / Using YouTube to Connect and Convert

In search of new business sources and brand awareness, Súmate proposed a new digital strategy for YouTube in-stream videos. Verti was delighted with the proposal because it aligned with its innovative philosophy and dedication to trying new strategies. However, YouTube was launched on the condition that new quotes must be obtained at a good cost per lead because Verti was not interested in advertising in YouTube for strictly branding purposes because this objective was already being fulfilled by its internal YouTube account where it shared its ads. The new strategy was about trying a new technique by creating specific ads and taking advantages of all that the platform has to offer in order to obtain more sales. “Getting direct sales via YouTube is difficult because the channel is traditionally used for branding as the CPA is very high. We were able to, on the other hand, get quotes through YouTube at the same CPA as on Adwords.” -Daniel Borrego.

This audiovisual content strategy is aimed at achieving sales and reinforcing brand recall through videos aimed at very specific audiences with meticulous segmentations and optimisation.

The results were achieved through in-stream ad campaigns orientated to multiple targeting criteria (themes, interests, keywords and in-market audiences) that were subsequently and progressively optimised to achieve the desired results.

Beyond Conversions: measuring the success of the campaign through the ad and brand recall

The YouTube ads also provided Verti with a number of other benefits. The ad and brand recall ratio of Verti increased among users who had been exposed to an ad on YouTube. Some ads showed a recall increase of 68,3% among users between 35 and 44 years of age. The ads particularly resonated with women whose recall reached a staggering 68%.

Brand awareness, although not a direct objective of Verti, was also favourably affected with a 24,9% increase among users aged 35-44 years and 22,5% increase among women. These statistics are also a great highlight of the campaign.

Innovation as an ingredient for victory

In the success of this campaign, the innovation and drive to try new things have been very important. Daniel Borrego points out that refreshing one’s marketing strategy is vital:

“Truly useful knowledge come from experimenting, measuring, making mistakes and evolving. Only in this way can you be at the forefront of an ever-changing sector. Thanks to that, Verti was successful. “

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