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Success story of Vagaluz

Success story of Vagaluz

How Vagaluz increased its traffic by creating content of interest for its users

This case study focuses on how Vagaluz evaluates its business performance while taking into account its different target audiences and various objectives.

Getting started is never easy but it is always better if you are well advised. Vagaluz began its journey as an ecommerce business selling Spanish children’s clothing in April 2015 by a mother passionate about children’s fashion and eager to share her enthusiasm for dressing children in a unique and classic way. Joining forces to combine knowledge is always a winning bet and that is what Vagaluz did, leaving the creation and management of their blog content in the hands of Súmate.

“We started creating content for the Vagaluz blog from scratch. *** At that time we had uploaded our first products onto the website, but we needed loyalty marketing. That’s why we started the blog and Club Vagaluz as actions focused on our medium and long term objectives.”- Susana Basanta, founder of Vagaluz.

In September of 2015 Vagaluz decided to launch a blog on their website in order to present their collections of clothing, offer fashion and lifestyle advice, and to provide information that can be of valuable use to its target audience.

The objectives of the blog were to:

– Improve brand awareness.

– Provide content for social networking sites on a regular basis.

– Improve SEO positioning.

– Promote products.

– Maintain customer loyalty and encourage them to explore the website further.

Súmate faced two challenges:

1. The identification of the target audience and the topics of most interest to them.

2. Adapt to the strong seasonality of the retail sector through the contents of the blog.

Being that Vagaluz was new to the ecommerce sector, initially there was not a significant amount of data available to analyse in order to draw concrete conclusions.

In a highly competitive retail sector it is essential for companies to take advantage of the seasonal and unique promotional opportunities available throughout the year (Black Friday, Christmas, Communions, etc.).

“With no previous data, search data along with extensive documentation was the starting point for creating an editorial calendar adapted to the target audience and seasonality. The evolution over time allows you to refine and identify the most successful areas. You always have to pay attention and listen to your followers.” Beatriz González, Inbound project consultant.

Desde que Vagaluz decidió apostar por una estrategia de marketing de contenidos con Súmate se han cumplido todos los objetivos que fueron planteados al comienzo y aquellos desafíos a los que se enfrentada superados.

Organic traffic trends from the beginning of ecommerce

After the initial creation of the Vagaluz blog, we can see a consistent increase in organic traffic drawn to the ecommerce website.

“Within the retail sector, we already have the presence of fashion industry giants in a highly competitive environment. Relying on main keywords alone is too simple a strategy. The content of the blog corresponding with the interests of our target audience is an additional way to attract traffic, especially for medium or small ecommerces,” says Beatriz.

Thanks to the regular production of quality content, the social media pages of Vagaluz (in particular the Facebook page) have been prospering, leading to greater visibility which has helped increase brand awareness. Through constant monitoring of the reactions to posts, the most successful topics have been identified and customised contents were created for the Vagaluz audience.

“The blog is an essential communication channel for users. It is about establishing a dialogue with the parents who visit Vagaluz and have developed an appreciation for the quality products it provides. When we create content linked to their necessities and interests, we are able to generate trust and visibility within our target audience, and as a natural result, they spread their positive experience with those around them.”- Beatriz

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