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Success story of Kreditech

Success story of Kreditech

Consistency, regularity and centralised coordination: the keys to the success of a multilingual content strategy with over a thousand published articles

At the beginning of 2015, Kreditech Holding SSL GmbH, a multinational German FinTech company with offices on four continents, faced the challenge of improving its brand image worldwide and strengthening the online presence of its financial products by increasing and taking care of its customer portfolio.

To this end, Kreditech highlighted the need to implement a multilingual content marketing strategy for all of their blogs, maintaining the consistency in communication within all target territories.

To achieve this, Kreditech turned to Súmate and, after a year and a half of teamwork and over a thousand published posts, the results have been highly satisfactory.

Not only has a stable image of the brand been globally communicated through the blogs of the different Kreditech brands, but the creation of high quality content for users on a regular basis has been assured.

“The coordination of Súmate is very effective and this helps us strengthen our SEO positioning and expand our social network.”


The collaboration of Súmate and Kreditech focuses on the blog management of online fast loan brands Kredito24, K24 and Zaimo in Spain, Poland, Mexico, Russia, the Czech Republic, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

By 2015, Kreditech had begun to develop some of the above mentioned brands’ blogs internally. However, given the size of the company, the coordination of teams in different countries had become a complex task, and maintaining a regular rhythm of valuable content creation was very complicated.

For this reason, Kreditech decided to turn to Súmate as an external supplier with the capacity to manage a multilingual content strategy that would help to keep its brand as a benchmark in such a competitive sector. A decision was reached to outsource and centralise all the actions of this project to make them more monitored and effective without having to sacrifice quality for quantity.

“When a company has offices in several countries, the complexity in management multiplies. In the case of the management of the content marketing strategy, we have two challenges: on one hand, we have to ensure that this strategy maintains consistency and keeps several factors in mind for all target territories; on the other hand, we must adapt to the singularity and cultural specificities of each of these territories. To achieve both goals, the ideal solution is a centralised coordination, to ensure the synchronisation of the strategy in all markets and to simultaneously take into account all of their singularities”- Gema Diego, coordinator of the Kreditech project.

Content creation is a marathon, not a sprint

The challenge for Kreditech was the creation of content that would reinforce the presence of the brand in the minds of consumers and influence future customers, while at the same time keeping in line with the strategic objectives of the brands Kredito24 and Zaimo. Through the development of the project, Súmate had become a source of up to date and quality content, coordinating all the actions of the multilingual content marketing plan. First, guidelines were created for the development of a dynamic editorial calendar including all of the countries and languages involved, taking into account the particularities of each territory. "A good multilingual content strategy must take into account the peculiarities of each of the client’s target audiences, the topics of interest for each territory, the stylistic criteria of the brand, the rate of distribution for each zone etc. That is why it is necessary to be very organised and meticulous in their configuration and development," explains Gema Diego.

This organisational structure has allowed for the creation of content for the brand on a regular basis. As a result, Kreditech has been able to establish itself as a reference in the sector, in addition to strengthening its social network pages reinforcing its online communities and projecting a closer image to the customers by offering them valuable information through the channels that they access on a regular basis.

Secondly, consistency in the creation of content affects the SEO positively, improving the positioning of the brands in various search engines. By generating frequent and high quality activity, we are rewarded with greater visibility. If we cannot be seen by potential clients, we do not exist. This helped Kreditech’s goal of increasing their visibility to put themselves in the minds of consumers as a first choice.

“Creating and publishing content on a regular basis brings numerous benefits to a website. In terms of SEO, the chances of appearing in search results greatly increase. At the same time, content helps improve branding, attracts new audiences and allows us to evaluate current customers, among other advantages.”

As mentioned before, the coordination and management of a content creation team at an international level is a complex task due to the variety of languages involved, the diversity of tools used and the cultural plurality of the work team.
Súmate has overcome all of these obstacles and managed to implement a system for the production of content that works seamlessly by incorporating the desire for continuous improvement.

Other achievements include:
1. Effective coordination of the 10 brands included in the content strategy in a production that involves 18 editors of 7 different nationalities.
2. Publication of over a thousand posts in a total of 10 blogs in 7 languages within a year and a half.
3. High quality content on a regular basis for different audiences around the world which improves traffic and brand awareness.
4. Consistency in communication at an international level generating cooperation among different brands.

Engaging and providing value to users

One of the objectives that Kreditech set for the blogs of Kredito24 and Zaimo was to inform, educate and provide value to users so that they can assume responsibility for managing their personal finances correctly and freely. In this way, the updating of these blogs has gone a step further than solely providing information about the credit products of the brands, incorporating advice on savings and responsible consumption, financial news and keys to a better economic organisation in the home on a day-to-day basis. In addition, editorial calendars take into account seasonal events (Black Friday, Christmas, national holidays, the post-Christmas crunch or the start of school etc.) that arouse the interest of the target audience and offer articles that provide a new and useful point of view, always with an educational and financial approach. In this search for value and distinction from competition, the key to a truly effective content strategy is that it be different, that it draws attention and stands out. The internet is saturated with content and if we do not excel in any way, users will have no reason to stay and read our blog. "In order to attract customers and gain their loyalty, it is important to investigate which topics and formats most suited to them. For example, if our audience appreciates visual formats, it is important that we complement our text with infographics; if they face a certain problem, we must guide them in the search for the solution, etc." - Gema Diego.

To distinguish itself from others, Kreditech has also incorporated personalised images and infographics in its strategy.

“Infographics summarise the main ideas of the content and help draw attention to it. They facilitate the creation of various contents while increasing the appeal of the texts they accompany. In this way we get the publications to be read by a greater number of people. The integration of infographics provides great value as they are unique pieces adapted to the topic and target audience, contributing to customer loyalty.” – Marcos Rodríguez, graphic designer at Súmate.

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