Corporate social responsibility

Súmate is committed to responsible management, focused on guaranteeing the fiscal, social and environmental sustainability of the company. In our business, it is rather commonplace to find agencies whose management is attached to the short-term and focused on future mergers or acquisition scenarios.

Súmate is an independent agency focused on continuity and long-term consolidation, through steady and sustainable growth. Naturally, we aspire to be leaders in the various areas of services that we offer, putting an emphasis on the quality of our delivery of those services, its continuity and improvement over the years, and our responsibility to our customers, investors and employees, as well as the market and society in general.


Súmate has officially joined the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to establishing a permanent, free-flowing dialogue with all its stakeholders. One particularly important player are our employees as we are an employee-owned limited liability company.

In 2016, Súmate published its first sustainability report, seeking to report our corporate performance with regards to the triple bottom line, by means of direct and simple indicators. Our goal is to give annual data that can be crosschecked with the results of previous fiscal years and with other companies’ reports. Our commitment is to continue making public Súmate’s annual performance, regarding its sustainability and corporate responsibility.


On this page you will find annual sustainability reports, and we will continue to upload other relevant documents. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our company’s corporate social responsibility.

Sustainability Report (Spanish)