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According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau Spain (IAB Spain)’s most recent Annual Study on Social Media, Facebook is the most utilised social media platform in Spain (94% of social media users have an account on Facebook), and it is the third most utilised platform by users (an average of 4 hours and 23 minutes per week, just behind WhatsApp and Spotify).

19 million Spanish people have opened a Facebook profile. Of these, 81% note that they follow a brand on this social network and 65% of them claim that Facebook influences their online purchasing process.

What can you achieve by advertising on Facebook?

Investing in the dissemination of your advertising messages on Facebook will provide the following benefits:

  • The chance to have an impact on almost any type of audience, given Facebook’s high market penetration across all strata of the population.
  • A sound, finely tuned definition of potential clients, thanks for the meticulous breakdown of audiences that you can realise.
  • Through tools such as Custom Audiences you can direct your advertisements to users who have already visited your site, or began to make a purchase on your online store but did not complete their purchase.
  • If you are concerned about equipping your website with an adaptive design, you can take advantage of segmenting messages for mobile devices and for desktops.

What can you achieve by advertising on Facebook?
How is Súmate’s method of work different?

How is Súmate’s method of work different?

  • We are focused on achieving measureable results. We analyse the results of each of our actions to ensure that each of the interventions we have developed for you will become a profitable, measurable part your business.
  • We micro-segment your audience in the most precise way, thanks to the functionalities available on the platform.
  • We offer our customers friendly, personal treatment. We work shoulder to shoulder with you in pursuit of the success of your business, and are always open to solve any questions or receive suggestions.

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