Campaigns on Google Shopping

If you have an e-commerce, Google Shopping is an indispensable part of your advertising strategy. By means of the product ads listing (Shopping), your product will appear with its image, price and short description whenever a user searches for it on Google.

What can you achieve by advertising with Shopping?

Launching Shopping advertisements to boost your e-commerce will provide you with numerous benefits, including:

  • Increase visibility of your store on the Internet, improving your positioning more quickly than if you were solely using SEO techniques. This will have the effect of increasing your web traffic and boosting your sales.
  • Increase the profile of each one of your products, assuring their own visibility by individual means through Google Shopping campaigns.
  • Improve your brand’s web positioning within the paid results page whenever a user conducts searches for terms related to one of your catalogue’s products.
  • Increase sales by facilitating direct access to the sales pages of each of your products to users who have already shown interested in purchasing them.

What can you achieve by advertising with Shopping?
What makes Súmate´s work method different?

What makes Súmate´s work method different?

If you entrust your e-commerce Shopping campaigns to Súmate, we promise to conduct our work guided by the following principles:

  • Attention to detail. In defining the campaign’s structure, as in the case of online stores, it is essential to get advertisements to work and for costs not to skyrocket.
  • Commitment. We will be involved in promoting your products with our full attention and motivation, as if we actually formed part of your company.
  • Focus on the ROI (return of investment). Living up to our commitment to conduct our work focused on achieving measureable results, we keep in mind the ROI goal we utilise to optimise campaigns, so that they are profitable for you and your business.
  • Training. We keep up to date on all the changes Google makes regarding new products, whether they have to do with Google Shopping, or other developments pertaining to the promotion of online shops.

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