AdWords and Bing ad campaigns

In 2015, 55% of global funds for advertising were invested in Google, according to a study conducted by eMarketer. Consequently, advertising on this search engine network is a widespread practice in every sector, and it has been possible thanks to Adwords, a platform which allows you to send messages to users who are potentially interested in your products or services when they conduct searches related to your products and services.

More specifically, advertising on the Adwords search network consists of publishing text ads within Google’s paid search results (on the first page, just above the organic search results) whenever users search terms related to the products and services you sell.
This kind of advertisement can also be implemented in Bing and other search engines as a strategy to strengthen our tactics in Adwords.

What can you achieve by advertising in Adwords or other search engines?

Advertising on Adwords, Bing and other search engines is a simple and effective way to maintain a relevant online presence. This technique provides the following advantages:

  • The opportunity to work toward different goals, such as profitability, reach, acquiring new clients or notoriety.
  • A minimum investment is not required – you only pay for each click registered on our ads.
  • Your advertisements only appear to users who have already shown interest in what you sell, something that we can infer by the search terms they use. This makes for a higher rate of conversion when compared with what you might expect to get from other types of advertisements.
  • The potential for optimisation is extremely high, given that we can always make adjustments to the keywords for which we bid, as well as our creative texts, in order to improve the results.

What can you achieve by advertising in Adwords or other search engines?
What is different about the work method at Súmate?

What is different about the work method at Súmate?

Our consultants have accumulated an extensive experience managing large accounts, both in Adwords and in Bing. As a result, we offer you a unique opportunity: to have a team by your side that is capable of combining the management of both platforms for the same brand in order to achieve the best results, as will be evident through the significant increase in your sales.

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