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Email marketing is tactic that consists of sending your advertisement messages to a specific audience via email. The audience can come from a list of clients or from an external data base, ensuring that it is a properly segmented data base of high quality.

Email marketing is very effective, given that people check their email 74 times a day on average, according to HubSpot. Furthermore, this tactic delivers a return on investment (ROI) of 38-1.
It should not come as a surprise, then, that Spanish businesses invest 10% of their total marketing budget in email marketing, as highlighted by the Research on the use and perception of email marketing in Spain, conducted by Adigital.

What can you achieve with email marketing?

Email marketing is an extremely useful tool that can help you achieve different goals within your online marketing strategy:

  • Expand your customer base, especially if you decide to employ an external database to gain new contacts that are likely to purchase your products and services.
  • Generate customer loyalty through interesting content, tips and special offers.
  • Reward your best clients, for example, by sending special offers to VIP members.
  • Promote a specific offer among your entire database in order to increase sales.

  • Program automations and workflows among different audiences. Examples include:

Welcome emails for newly acquired contacts, in which you can explain how you work and suggest special offers.

Emails for VIP clients who reach a certain turnover level with personalised offers.

Follow-up emails following specific user behaviour. This is recommended for surfers who have visited a webpage for a particular product. We can then send them an email focused on the same product.

Reminder emails, whereby we send a follow up email if the user has not opened the first email after a predetermined period of time.

What can you achieve with email marketing?
What makes the method of work different at Súmate?

What makes the method of work different at Súmate?

Trusting Súmate with your email marketing is an excellent choice because:

  • We are open to using different tools for your campaign (such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign or Acrelia News), giving you the ability to choose whichever one is best suited to your needs.
  • We always keep in mind the optimisation of your emails for mobile formats. Let us not forget that, according to HubSpot, 58% of emails are opened on smartphones.
  • We cover the entire process of your campaigns – planning, production and management, including email design (creating the entire HTML or templates, depending on your preferences), the introduction of the target database, campaign launch, optimisation of campaigns and coordination of automation and workflows.
  • Our database providers are transparent and reliable with highly segmented options to guarantee the proper functioning of your activities.
  • We specialise in seeking profitability through workflow designs and very precise automations.

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