By retargeting, you can advertise to users who have had some prior interaction with your brand while surfing the internet. The goal of retargeting is to elicit recognition of your products and services among these users, so that if they have not yet made a purchase, they take that next step to buy; alternatively, if they have made a previous purchase, you encourage them to repeat the purchase experience.

Ideally, retargeting campaigns complement other pay per click campaigns that have been undertaken previously.

How it is done at Súmate?

Including retargeting advertising as part of your online marketing strategy is especially helpful if you want your advertisements to appear to users during each step of the buying process, from the moment they conduct their first search to meeting their needs right to the point of purchase. In this sense, retargeting is about reminding the customer that your brand is a good option as they are reflecting, prior to making a purchase. Some of Súmate’s retargeting approaches are:

  • Directing advertisements specific to each user based on their behaviour on your website. For example, if products were placed in the shopping cart, then abandoned during the purchasing process.


  • Use dynamic retargeting across a Merchant Center feed, to show the user banners advertising those products they visited on your website.


How it is done at Súmate?

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