Graphic advertising resources

Graphic advertising resources are creative pieces of a different sort which serve various purposes within digital marketing campaigns, providing support for online advertisement, social media, email marketing, content marketing or inbound marketing, among others. These resources provide messages with the necessary coherence so they will serve their purpose once they have been broadcasted across various online channels at your disposal.

How do we do it at Súmate?

In order to determine which graphic advertising resources your brand needs, we talk to you personally so that we have a good understanding of your target audience and products, as well as what it is you want to achieve with your online marketing plan. Only then are we ready to propose the right graphic advertising resources that meet your needs.
Here are a few of the pieces we can develop for you:

  • Banners: Static or dynamic advertisements that are inserted into webpages in order to reap clicks and drive conversions.
  • Images for your social media channels: We adapt or create pictures with the specific style and measurements set out by the platforms on which you are publishing, as well as for posts on your own blog. Likewise, we can also advise you on topics such as updating your headline images on specific dates or for specific seasons, so that they will help you reinforce the main message that you want to broadcast.
  • Photo retouching and photomontages: We adapt images so that you are able to use them on any channel, and in the case that you do not have an image bank of your own, we can provide you stock images with the legal permits needed to disseminate them.
  • Newsletters: We combine writing and design tasks in order to provide newsletters, based on the information you provide us, which are ready to publish to your email database. Moreover, we analyse your catalogue and commercial offers and give you advice on which aspects you could highlight in order to increase conversions from your newsletters.

How do we do it at Súmate?

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