Game applications

Games on the internet are immensely popular. The 2015 white paper on Spanish videogame development predicts that the sector’s revenues will reach 673 million euros in 2016 and 828 million in 2017. Consequently, developing an online game presents an excellent business idea.

How do we do it at Súmate?

If you are already thinking about creating a game, but are missing the technical and creative knowhow, Súmate could be your perfect companion and we will accompany you all the way. In collaboration with Carbonbyte, we act based on a comprehensive study, since we have the capacity to develop all the various elements of a videogame: artwork, programming, adaptation to different technologies (iOs, Android, HTML5 and Unity3D), monetisation proposal, and gameplay (game design).
Working in concert with you, we organise a complete and straightforward production process:
1. We review your ideas and then outline an initial gameplay, after which we refine and transform it into a realistic work scheme. We determine which is the most suitable technology so the game has sufficient quality, but at the same time is economically feasible.
2. We realise an aesthetic proposal with various settings – modern day, time period, cartoon style – to suite your requirements.
3. We carry out the creation process of the game itself.
4. We provide you with support to upload the game to main stores, giving you all the necessary graphic elements to construct its file.

How do we do it at Súmate?

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