Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a technology that allows us to combine real objects with virtual elements by means of looking through a technical device, allowing you set up a new mixed scenario in real time. In terms of digital creativity, it offers countless possibilities such as adding value to a product’s packaging, simplifying the comprehension of assembly manuals, designing teaching materials for educational institutions or giving a boost to any online marketing strategy.

How do we do it at Súmate?

If you would like to communicate the physical word with the digital one in a technical and conceptual way, do not hesitate to contact Súmate. The following are a few examples of situations in which we could add value to your physical product by employing augmented reality:
* Magazine ads or collectible card characters can come to life and move into the digital world.

  • Interactive manuals on how to assemble furniture, install small household appliances or set up 3D printers.
  • Training or educational resources used for sexual education or the first practice sessions using surgical techniques.
  • Animal recreations to enhance and give a richer, more realistic experience to visitors of natural parks.
  • Recreation of old, historic buildings currently lying in a state of ruin, as part of a museum or protected site project.
  • Simulations of a change of look, so you can see how new glasses, watches, shoes or T-shirts would suit you.

How do we do it at Súmate?

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