Service apps

Service apps are different from other apps as they are given the most significant role in a company, even more important than the product or service that the company sells. These apps tend to be aimed at achieving corporate goals, not necessarily sales, and are therefore focused primarily on supplying informational content.

On the other hand, service apps can provide functionalities such as:
* Direct contact management with target groups of your brand, not only current or potential customers but additional social segments that the company would like to reach.
* Actualisation of the events calendar, including all events that could spark the user’s curiosity.
* Compiling of files sent by users such as applications, requests, photos, complaints, etc.
* Signalling of specific sites, including locators that show specific geographic information.

How do we do it at Súmate?

With Súmate you will get a functional, useful and long lasting service app, capable of meeting the relationship needs between your brand and your target audience for a long period of time. We are not only creative, but we are also consultants ready to offer you sound advice that will make you stand out with your strong internet presence.

How do we do it at Súmate?

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