Advertising applications

Advertising apps are apps whose primary goal is to transmit your brand’s values to the customer. They are typically used to maintain a direct and personalised communication channel, open and actualised, between your brand and the users. Just a few years ago this communication was managed through text messages.

Advertising apps are also useful when it comes to creating customer loyalty, since advertising apps offer customers special promotions and discount coupons, or let them know about unique upcoming opportunities available to them on your online and offline spaces..

How do we do it at Súmate?

In order to implement your advertising app, we first analyse the needs of your brand or product. With the data we obtain, we draw up a proposal that covers all of these needs and goes beyond, adding value to your brand by offering you the best suited options from a technological and financial standpoint.
When our app is complete, we will walk you through the first steps of the distribution process, guiding you with sourcing to the Apple and Google stores and providing you ASO recommendations.

How do we do it at Súmate?

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