Promotional videos

Animated videos are small digital pieces that add value to your social media communication. Their primary advantage is that they have the ability to capture the attention of the user and hold onto it longer than static images. And, provided that your topic is interesting, the user will watch it until the end.
Animated videos are especially popular on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

What can you achieve with animated videos?

Regularly publishing good quality animated videos in your social media channels will help you to:

  • Reinforce your target audience’s recollections and positive perceptions of your brand.

* Carry out the qualification of your contacts, identifying among your followers those who are more involved and interested in your products.

  • Facilitate the progress through the conversion funnel of users who are interacting with you.
  • Explain in a simple way how a complex mechanism functions – it is a way to transmit user instructions for an object or tool by means of an entertaining message.

What can you achieve with animated videos?
What makes Súmate’s work method different?

What makes Súmate’s work method different?

Our digital creativity experts’ professional track record include both experience and training in 2D and 3D animation. Moreover, it is worth noting that:

  • We are 100% digital – we adapt to the technical requirements of each online support and the peculiarities of its audience.
  • Our range of techniques and styles is both extensive and personalised, including options for short cartoon films, as well as strictly corporative types.

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