Advergames are online games that, in addition to entertaining users, get your brand’s messages and values to remain in the user’s memory for a longer time. The reason is that interacting with an advergame requires an active and receptive attitude towards the game’s stimuli.

What can you achieve with advergames?

Introducing advergaming as part of your online marketing plan is a wise decision, as using this technique will enable you to:

  • Strengthen the bonds between your brand and your audience, transmitting your brand’s values and messages, while the user has a memorable and enjoyable experience.
  • Increase exposure of internet users to your company’s messages, in order to achieve specific sales or retention goals.
  • Add a touch of originality to your campaigns and equip them with a solid and coherent line of communication.
  • Turn your company’s activity into a fun, enjoyable mechanism in order to show your customer how you work, in an original way. If, for example, your company functions like an assembly line, why not develop a rhythmic game that embodies every phase of the production?

What can you achieve with advergames?
What makes Súmate’s work method different?

What makes Súmate’s work method different?

At Súmate and Carbonbyte, we believe that the key to successful advergames lies in providing the user with an enjoyable experience. So we follow two basic ground rules:

  • A solid gameplay mechanic, around which we build the most suitable aesthetic packaging.
  • The inclusion of controlled and non-intrusive advertising messages as part of the game’s flow.

Likewise, when the advergame is launched, it is essential that the basic guidelines of ASO are followed, for its positioning in app stores.

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