Inbound marketing strategies

In order to successfully integrate inbound marketing into your daily work life, you will need to establish a solid strategy in the early stages of development based on your company’s unique situation and objectives. You must follow through with your strategy as development continues through inbound action.

Among others, the strategy should consider the following:
* The definition of your buyer personas, which means semi-fictional representations of a brand’s ideal customer, emphasising on their motivations, problems and needs.
* The time frame during which we realise the strategy.
* The necessary content production services – how many content pieces are needed? What kind? In what time frame? About what topics?
* We are interested in gathering information about our potential customers in order to covert them into leads, so it is key to establish what we are asking for in our contact forms for downloads.
* The determination of necessary campaign elements (landing, pages, emails, etc.) and the flow of publication.
* The definition of the MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) requirements, in order to establish how the process of the registrations through the conversion funnel should be organised.

How we do it at Sumate?

At Súmate, we design inbound marketing strategies on two levels. Your inbound plan can be composed by both or either one of the two, depending on your situation and objectives.

  • Lead capturing strategy: We concentrate on tactics to attract leads and convert them into potential customers, focus on content creation for the awareness and consideration stages, distribution through the social networks and spaces where our buyer personas are, and the initial qualification of the obtained registrations.
  • Lead nurturing strategy: Designed for when we already have an extensive database with a first segmentation, we focus on the consideration and decision stages using personalisation and email marketing tools, intelligent lists and questionnaires, as well as lead scoring functions.

How we do it at Sumate?

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