Inbound marketing campaign management

Correctly managing an inbound marketing campaign involves completing all designed strategy actions in the established manner and time frame.

With the help of automation processes and tools, the work of an inbound marketing consultant is to execute the following steps:
1. Campaign launch, including the content publication, its distribution and promotion in the chosen channels.
2. Collection of leads through creation and optimisation of various parts such as the call-to-action, landing pages and contact form.
3. Qualification of leads through the development of thank you pages, sending emails, workflows and the management of the intelligent lists, with the implication of a lead scoring system if necessary.
4. Result analysation and scheduled report delivery.

How we do it at Súmate?

At Súmate, we address your inbound marketing campaign management with transparency and an educational spirit:

  • You will always have access to the automation tools that we utilise. We will only use them on an invitational basis. As a result you will have full access to the management of your campaign and data at all times.
  • Moreover, we will train you so you too can understand the inbound marketing principles and extend its applications to other departments within your company, in order to achieve alignment between the marketing and sales areas and maximise your ROI.
How we do it at Súmate?

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