E-book creation

If blog articles are the best entrance into your website, you need something more in order to convert visitors into leads – content that is interesting enough so the user registers and downloads it. In these cases, e-books or white papers are the perfect option because they are perceived by users to be valuable and useful content that helps with their doubts and problems.

Including e-books in your content marketing actions will have the following advantages:
* It will boost your inbound marketing strategy by providing materials with which you can attract and convert your leads.
* It will improve your leads moving forward through the different conversion funnel stages.
* It will consolidate you as an opinion leader in your sector, displaying your knowledge and skills.

How we do it at Súmate?

Once we have adjusted the content production calendar for your brand, we work on the production of your e-book in three stages:
1. Writing. Professionals who have specialised in documentation and content development in different business sectors are in charge.
2. Layout, accurately maintaining the format of your style guide.
3. Insertion of the ebook into the production and publication flow, so that it will be readily available to meet your personal objectives.

How we do it at Súmate?

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